French-Serbian Cooperation Agreement signed

There was Cooperation Agreement in the Segment of Comic Books and Culture signed between Serbia and France on July 15th2019 in Belgrade as a part of French president, Emmanuel Macron’s official visit to Serbia. It was signed by the French Institute in Serbia (that initiated signing the agreement), International Comic Book and Illustration Center (Angouleme, France), the city of Pancevo and Komunikart agency.

The agreement was signed by Jean-Baptiste Cuzin, director of the French Institute in Serbia, Pierre Lungheretti, managing director of the International Center of Comic Books  and Illustration (CIBDI), Sasa Pavlov, Pancevo’s mayor and Monika Husar Tokin, director of Komunikart agency from Pancevo.

“I am particularly glad that Pancevo is selected to be the venue for French and Serbian comic book authors meeting, and that the French Institute’s invitation to be a part of the project came at the moment when Pancevo as a city is opening towards Europe to greater and greater extent. Culture and art are important to us, since these are the best ways to promote our cultural and multiethnic heritage out of the country’s borders, as well as the modern art actively created by our artists“, claimed Sasa Pavlov, the mayor of Pancevo.

The treaty introduced establishing the first residential programe in the segment of comic books between France and Serbia, that will take place in two cities, Angouleme and Pancevo as of the following year. The aim of this agreement is strenghtening the artistic, scientific, pedagogic and cultural cooperation between the aforementioned countries. Also, the agreement proposes mutual organization of workshops and courses for the artists, the development of scientific cooperation in the form of studies and articles that are in connection with Serbian comic books with the puropose of establishing bibliographic database, the exchange of documents and bibliographic data, coproducing work on exhibitions, the organization of comic books borrowing, etc.

“It is a great honour to be recognized by the French Institute in Serbia as a suitable partner on this project, the one that is certainly most important project in the segment of comic books in our country so far. The International Center of Comic Books and Illustration from Angouleme, the French holder of the agreement, is a notable and internationally eminent institution, and we will learn from them in the following period of time, but we will work actively on the promotion of Serbian comic book scene in France as well, with the help of our selector Sasa Rakezic (alias Aleksandar Zograf) who knows our comic book scene very well“ , said Monika Husar Tokin, director of Komunikart agency regarding the Agreement signing.

Komunikart agency has been organizing Nova Festival in Pancevo for several years now. There is a special segment of the festival’s programme with the emphasis on the modern authors’ comic books. Last years’ exhibition “European Heritage in Modern Comic Books and Illustration” gathered 50 authors from all over the world and it was  selected a part of the national programe created by Serbian Ministry of culture and information in official celebration of the European year of Cultural Heritage. Serbian Ministry of culture and information has chosen this exhibition to be among the programmes that will be presented in  Serbian cultural center in Paris this year.

The French Institute in Serbia actively supports modern comic book authors in our country. Bearing in mind that year 2020 has been proclaimed the year of comic books in France, the connection of the International Center of Comic Books and Illustration in Angouleme and Komunikart agency from Pancevo is a great wind at Serbian author comic book scene’s back and it encourages its development, with the generous support of official Pancevo and with the initiative of the French Institute in Serbia.